Watford Bootcamp

bootcamp watford

Watford Bootcamp

Every Saturday 11 am start £5 per person Oxhey Park WD18 0EZ

meet on the field opposite Eastbury Road free parking 07960 688 911bootcamp wayford

Boot camps, kids boot camps, circuit training, HIT training, Boxercise, Personal training, Group sessions, Diet plans, FREE Nutrition Plan with each block session booked. Improve fitness, posture, flexibility, endurance and body shape with Watford bootcamp and personal training. Burn up to 1000 calories per session. Tickets available now Bootcamp is a fun way to burn calories, group exercise will give you added motivation to achieve your goals and improve your fitness. We use Kettlebells, Battle Ropes, Medicine Balls, Resistance Bands, boxercise routines and body weight exercises to add a good variety of exercises and drills.

BOOTCAMP IN WATFORD Every Saturday attend our fat burning boot camp, no need to book, just turn up and get ready to get in shape with our 1 hour intense exercise regime. Bootcamp every Saturday at 11 am. Bring along plenty of water and layers of warm clothing expect around 50 minutes of exercise and 10 minutes of stretching and warming up.



FREE Nutrition Plan with each block session booked. Combine regular training with a healthy eating plan and watch the weight drop off, follow our simple nutrition plan for a quick way to lose excess pounds. If your tired of being over weight and want to get fitter the easiest way to do this is to follow a healthy eating plan and take part in regular exercise. Our nutritionist will design you a healthy eating plan for free when you book 10 sessions, he can also advise you on healthy eating options to help you lose weight  including vegan diets and ethical meal planning.

High Intensity Bootcamp workouts in Watford.

What is high intensity? Is this for me? Am I fit enough to attend bootcamp? The answer is YES! Everybody can work at there own pace, we’re not there to break people but we want everyone who attends to become fitter leaner and see an improvement in there fitness levels. The way our workouts are structured lets you work at your own tempo so if you are able to do 100 push-ups or you none you can train with us and improve your over all fitness.

Tabata workouts in Watford What is Tabata? Tabata Bootcamp workouts last around 30 minutes and are designed to boost post exercise caloric burn so your metabolism keeps burning more calories long after the workout is over is over. You experience short interval based training on that delivers a calorie burning workout and post metabolic boost. This helps you to keep burning calories after you have exercised great for lose that want to lose weight but may be short on time these bootcamps are held every weekend and cost £8 per person they last around 30 minutes we only advise people with a high degree of fitness to attend.

Need a Personal Trainer in Watford?

Contact Danny on 07960 688 911 or visit www.personaltrainerinwatford.co.uk


Our personal trainers are fully qualified, crb checked and ready to get you in to the best shape of your life, our price structure is simple and uncomplicated, you can book us for an hour at a time or save money by booking 6 and 12 sessions per time, get fit burn fat and tone up with our personal fitness plans, we can offer advice on nutrition as well as cardio and resistance training programs.

Bootcamps available in The Following Areas: Rickmansworth, Watford and Bushey, South Oxhey, Northwood, Chorleywood, Pinner, Harrow, Borehamwood, Stanmore, Abbotts Langley Watford Bootcamp Merchandise booty

Quality Militant merchandise available. £20 for the hoodie, £10 for the t shirt or £15 for caps. The hoodie is 80% cotton and the t shirt is made of technical, breathable wicking material. Look the part while you exercise.